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Right to daylightt

On average people spend most of their daily time at work. Often people work indoors. Not always there are enough windows at the office or in the factory. And this, while daylight is so important.

This is also acknowledged by FNV Bondgenoten (the Dutch trade union). They think everybody has the right to sufficient daylight during work. It  prevents a burning sensation in the eyes and ensures a proper vitamin production.  Also the Dutch Working Conditions Act is of the opinion that daylight is of the utmost importance. Since several years the Working Conditions Act has specified daylight norms which workplaces have to meet, unfortunately this norm is not easy to comply  withn.

True Light is more than a replacement of daylight coming through the windows. Working in a True Light environment is healthier, because the tube lets through the beneficial UV-light, whereby vitamin D is being produced. Sheet glass obstructs UV-light to shine through.



Nice light an absolute necessity, when working at an office. Unpleasant and artificial light reduces the attention and regularly leads to complaints of headaches and stress. True Light reduces these complaints or makes them disappear. A workplace with True-Light is a guarantee for better performance and less absenteeism.

People who read a lot and work with computers, often show complaints like burning eyes and headaches. Because True Light lets the eyes come at ease and diminishes the flickering on the screen, these complaints will soon belong to the past.

An often heard expression by people working under True Light, is that they actually do not notice the light is turned on. This is how much True Light equals natural daylight.




Hyperactive children become calmer when True Light is lighting the classroom. Tests held on schools in the United Stated, show that emotional deficiencies related to seasons decreased after the Cool White fluorescent tubes that were present were replaced by True-Light.

Children like working under True-Light. They notice they can look straight into the tubes, without it causing a nasty feeling in their eyes. Schools transform into a quiet, relaxed learning environment, which leads to better performances and more energy.  



Visitors to museums appreciate art in its truest shape. True Light shows colours the way the artist intended them to be in his pictures, paintings and other art objects. This brilliant colour rendition also comes in handy when working on a restoration of a painting.



In places where art is being made, like studios and workshops for students, True-Light is a valuable light source. Especially in the evening, colours look different than at daytime. True Light prevents disappointments. Because of the exact colour rendition you will not be unpleasantly surprised.



True Light is no mood lighting, but a functional light source. That is why True Light comes in very useful in the study. Reading your mail or other documents is nicest with daylight. The same goes for working at the computer. True Light can also be used very well in the garage; it ensures a clear view when working on your car. True Light helps you create a good overall view in garage and hobby room. True Light brings daylight into your home.