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Healthcare dantists

Natural way of lighting

In the medical world True Light is known as a healthy and natural way of lighting. A way of lighting that has a positive effect on metabolism, oxygen supply, hormones, glands, brain cells, productivity and mood. Due to this True Light contributes significantly to the health of men and animals. True Light fights allergies, depressions and somatic diseases and has a positive effect on the production of white blood cells, circulation of the lymph system and fertility.


Diagnosis and colour assessment

Several hospitals and health centres use True-Light. Also practitioners in a variety of medical professions have discovered the daylight lamps. For them True-Light is a handy device for diagnosing and colour assessing.



For dentists True Light is a perfect tool during the treatment of patients. Because of the  perfect colour display, without deformation, checking a patient’s denture with True Light is a lot easier. Less often a light well or laser has to be used, because more can be seen with the naked eye. Also less x-rays have to be made. Due to True Light full spectrum daylight caries is visible in an early stage.



Working in a pharmaceutical company demands precision and advertence. Concentration cannot weaken for a moment. Many pharmaceutical companies have few windows due to safety considerations and therefore lack daylight. A replacement for this is True Light. Employees need daylight. It keeps their ability to concentrate up to the mark and they are much better able to distinguish medicines based on colour. Reading the small letters, which often occur on the packaging, is also much easier. True Light turns a pharmaceutical company into a nice and functional living- and working environment!


Medical specialists

Good and clear light is important to anyone working in health care. All of the many specialists using True Light are enthusiastic and satisfied about it. Such an example is dermatology. More and more dermatologists use True Light. When diagnosing, it is important to have a clear view of the skin without any distortion by yellowish light. True Light helps diagnosing the skin’s condition well. But also other specialists, like doctors profit from a full spectrum daylight lamp. At the ER, True Light can help save lives, because diagnosis can be set sooner. Look here for experiences of medical specialists.



Also in physiotherapy True Light gains ground rapidly. In a treatment area lightened by True Light a therapist has light at his disposal which almost equals real daylight. Observing and treating clients in comfortable light ensures a good working climate.



Depressions during winter months often occur in our cold and wet country. Research has shown that 3% of the Dutch population suffer from winter depression as a result of a lack of light. True Light can beat this depression. True Light’s light intensity keeps the pineal body actively producing substances that influence the day- and night rhythm. Your doctor can tell you more about it.