Hobby animals

reptiles and amphibians - birds - aquariums


With True Light the world is so different for your hobby animals. Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibian and other hobby animals need natural daylight. Keepers of hobby animals are ecstatic about True Light. Never before have they experienced lighting their animals clearly feel comfortable with and by which the fully develop. True Light casts a new light on your aquarium, aviary and terrarium.


Reptiles and amphibians

With True Light you place a copy of genuine daylight into your terrarium. Now your reptiles and amphibians will receive the essential UV-energy to produce vitamin D. This is vital for the immune system and for making a strong skeleton. True Light fights metabolic disorders. True Light revives your terrarium!



Bird breeder belong to the first users of True Light. Word-of-mouth marketing prompted a revolutionary sales to bird breeders. When using the True Light daylight lamp positive effects on the birds, such as happier behaviour, better feathers and a quicker moult soon became evident. Not only this, but also the brooding results inclined and eggshells hardened. Mortality under young birds declined.

Bird breeders confirm that under True Light their birds stopped with picking their feathers and with cannibalism. Furthermore, they indicated they were able to assess their bird so much better. Thanks to the high fidelity colour rendition, plumage colours show better.

Remarkable was the improvement of social behaviour and a more lively appearance. Birds are outdoor creature by nature. When indoors, birds miss daylight they have come accustomed to. True Light can resolve this lack of daylight. True Light provides alert, healthy birds!



Your aquarium will never be the same, once you have used True Light full spectrum lamps. While the source of light stimulates the growth of  useful algae, it reduces the growth of less welcome organisms.

The colours of your fish and plants come to life in a healthy environment for your fish. Chances of reproduction rise because of increased vitality and better recognition of complicated colour patterns while courting.

Because True Light lamps last longer, you have to replace them less frequently. True Light brings natural daylight into your aquarium. A combination of True Light and other lamps is the best option. We can tell you all about it.