Cattle Breeding

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True Light equals the full spectrum of daylight. Similar to genuine daylight, True Light’s light also produces vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin D stimulates the function of the thyroid gland and the parathyroid glands. It helps regulate the absorption and distribution of calcium. Regular artificial light makes the calcium absorption drop one-third. Yet calcium is so important for animals. Insufficient calcium absorption can lead to retarded growth, overall weakening, loss of hair or feathers, pain and stiffness in the joints and lack of energy.

True Light tubes fit in existing armatures. You do not need to take extra measures in order to experience True Light’s advantages. Since True Light lamps last 2 to 3 times longer, True Light is definitely not more expensive than regular fluorescent lamps.



Research has shown that chicken under True Light produce up to 5 percent more eggs. Besides that, they also lay eggs for a longer period of time. They behave more caring and are friendlier towards each other. This resolves cannibalism for the most part or even entirely. The ‘disco-effect’ of regular fluorescent lights or lamps stresses chicken. High frequency  electronically choked True Light lamps eliminate these symptoms. 



Diseases, fertility- and behavioural problems disappear when using True Light. The light soothes them, resulting in the pigs eating better and thus growing. Also they show friendlier and more caring behaviour. Aggressiveness and stress will all belong to the past.



Cattle farmers have signs that True Light enhances their cattle’s fertility. Because they feel more comfortable under True Light, they take better care of their calves. Also their fur shines more. Diseases occur less. Also in this branch, True Light is worthy investment.



Goats sometimes spend up to twenty-four hours a day under artificial light. This way they miss out on the positive effects of daylight. True Light can be the solution. If artificial light is replaced by True Light remarkable differences can be noticed within four weeks. Their hair, for example, will improve dramatically.



Horses in stables have big advantages with True Light full spectrum daylight. Insemination can take place earlier so that there is a second chance in the same year. Hairs improve and the horses are more tranquil. Preferably use electronic chokes with animals.