Working conditions

Pleasant working environment

Having a pleasant working environment is a major issue in modern society. Increasing absenteeism is a sign of the times. Government is trying to stimulate business into creating a safe and healthy working environment by tightened legislation.

Working at a desk requires effort. Not only a good chair and a comfortable desk, but also bright light adds to creating an optimal working environment. Headaches, burning sensations in the eyes and a flickering screen will belong to the past when working under True Light.


True Light as workplace lighting

True Light’s big advantage as workplace lighting is that its light has the same advantages for people as natural daylight. Due to the sodium glass tube, which allows healthy UV A and UV B to shine through, the body produces vitamin D and calcium. This is essential for one’s health. Working under True Light does not only prevent a burning sensation in the eyes and headaches, but also reduces stress and enhances concentration and a more active feeling.


Test proof to be a great success

More and more experts value daylight. Due to a shortage of windows, offices often lack sufficient natural daylight. True Light can be the solution. A number of companies decided to put it to the test and tried True Light. At the end of the experiment, over 90% decided to proceed with True Light.


Try True Light

Would you like to try True Light in your working environment? Try it in a room; you and your staff will be surprised!